37565 14268 Bwn/Grn metal green and brown w SDS motor MFX full snd 1950s Marklin Trains and track from my father. Free postage . Collectors around the world cherish Marklin CCS 800 crocodiles for their incredible design and aesthetic appearance. Pre-Owned. Several manufacturers including Emil Valker of Santhion in Hungary produce a replica of this locomotive in O Gauge. Thanks for an interesting article. Marklin Vintage - $1250.00. 30 watching . x 31100.2 14305/31100 Metal green central motor not on scale MFX no snd (2016 edition w Da890) 2016. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. While many collectors like their replicas exactly like the original, this presents potential problems with fakes and forgeries. For example Märklin offered 100V, 110V, 125V, 150V and 220V for Germany. What’s most intersting about the crocodiles from the 1950 – 1955 period is that likely not many were produced as we can see that parts from these locos were shared between all 5 years of production. Company Number: 330 Very heavy set, full metal All functions have been tested Undamaged and no paint issues. Don’t yet have a Swiss beauty in your Marklin collection? £949.50. 3151, BR Ae 376, bez. £89.50. The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) first ordered a prototype locomotive, named SBB-CFF-FFS Ce 6/8 I number 14201, in early June 1917. Bauzeit von 1949 - 1950 Lok mit Betriebsnummer "CCS 800" Ausführung wie Variante 3015.04, jedoch wurden jetzt die Stirnlampen von vorne montiert und die Lampenbügel wurden rund ausgeführt. 39564 1859 black metal black MFX sound C-sine motor ROCO 43880 MARKLIN MäRKLIN AC DIGITAL DB CLASS BR 101 E-LOK LOCO 001-6 MIB nc. CS2/C-Track digital turnouts/Collection back to 1948/Current favorites on track: KPEV T16.1 37166, BR 53 37024, Ae 6/6 11453, Krok 39560. Sets To the overview. Free postage. I’ve updated the article to include information about the class E44 locomotive design. 3015/CCS800 grn Metal green central motor not on scale 1957 Pre-Owned. Mtr analog not to scale 2009 Marklin Märklin For Sale Online. €1069.99. 2 pre-owned from £149.50. Märklin Verzameling door Erik Lindner. Variations on the design were often so subtle that some collectors revert to weighing the locomotive to determine the exact version! I just added a paragraph and photograph to represent the models of Alois Keiser. 353 pins • 52 volgers. About this product. Top-Angebote für Märklin Krokodile der Spur H0 online entdecken bei eBay. In HO scale this kind of design would be shown in the SE 800 or SET 800 locomotives. Special versions of the Swiss crocodile were produced in a snow-white color scheme for the American market of the railway New York Central Lines. Most likely, they were sent to these markets as a test – to see how well they might sell as new products. If your M track is rusted ... DON'T throw it out ! Seeing it traverse the mountainous regions of Switzerland must have been an incredible sight! Required fields are marked *. CCS800 3015 grn tinplate green 2 motors 1948 EUR 5,00 Versand. CHF 2.904,03. Reviews (0) Ask a Question; Reviews. Thank you very much. Marklin Rare Gauge . Just one minor remark from my side – the SE 800 or SET 800 locomotives are not meant to be a cheap crocodile – these are made after the German “E44”-class, these are pretty much scale models. Click & Collect. View Auction. This makes servicing of the motor and brushes very easy as they are accessible without having to remove the articulated section bodies. Receive our low-volume newsletter with articles on Marklin history, rarities, interesting lots, upcoming auctions, and more delivered about once a month. 31860 NYClines Wh/Grn/Brn metal white 150 yr Marklin NYC centr. I like your inclusion of other model makers; I would have included Keiser-Zug in that list–their crocodiles are all metal, coarse scale, very comparable to those of Marklin and were actually built in Switzerland. Gtin. cookee_nz attached the following image(s): Hello, this is an update since my first thread and original post of just over a month ago. To attach a picture the site asks for a URL? 39563 14307 metal green w SDS (C-sine) motor MFX lim snd This is a 4-part set in a crimson/beige basic paint scheme - 1 motor car, 1 … So evidence shows there were no ’52, ’53, or 54 printed instructions. Can be packed in an earlier box, all the way back to 1951. CCS66 12921 Grn tinplate green 2 motors Gauge 1 scale 1934 xx 3056.3 13302 grn Plastic. Free postage. The SE 800 or SET 800 locomotives are not meant to be a “mini” crocodile. Das „Seetal-Krokodil“ trägt seinen Namen zu Recht: die Fahrwerkskonstruktion entspricht weitgehend der be-rühmten SBB-Maschine. … MARKLIN MäRKLIN 3026 F 800 DB 4-6-0 CLASS BR 01 097 DAMPFLOK LOCO 1958 BOXED nl. The CCS 800 and later 3015 (re-numbered in 1957) locomotives underwent subtle changes over the years up to 1958. The initial design of the Marklin CCS 800 crocodile was quite problematic as anyone who has attempted to restore one of these locomotives will tell you. In other countries also more exotic combinations were used. Produkt Hauptmerkmale. Märklin H0 M-Gleis 60s/70s Nostalgieanlage analog / Ae 3/6" SBB, Ae 6/6 SBB, Ce 6/8 Krokodil SBB - Duration: 12:07. These locomotives, with their articulated “noses” and many axles, had incredible pulling power and hauled heavy goods trains, commonly including coal cars, on the steep tracks of the Gotthardbahn originating in Lucerne. shamrock attached the following image(s): I really don't know anything about that track or trafo, but this is definetly AC, so it should work with your Märklin loco. Very Rare Marklin . £149.50. $1295.46. or Best Offer. Welcome Guest! In the 1934 catalog we can see the Gauge 1 crocodile numbered CCS 66 12921. The earliest version of the 3015/CCS 800 even feature some of the same parts as the earlier CCS 800. SKU: 254797463109 Category: Top Picks. The Swiss Era II 91mm number 88563 of prototype Ce 6/8 III became the pinnacle of Marklin’s engineering effort in Z scale. … Rolling stock mostly from era I, II, III and IV. In the first few years the only change to the new model was the addition of the sandboxes with grooves and a different lamp holder design. Only one or two examples still exist of the CCS 66 12920 in white. £3.70 postage . x 3352 14301 bwn metal brown analog 11 3015 grn Metal green w central motor analoge not to scale 1965 Marklin 1 55711 . Top-Angebote für Märklin Krokodile der Spur H0 online entdecken bei eBay. MARKLIN MäRKLIN TM800 DIGITAL RESTORED DB 0-6-0 CLASS BR 89 TANK LOCO 1950 nr. Perhaps a minor addition: Or Connect via Facebook, Edited by user 17 January 2014 15:57:15(UTC) What makes this locomotive easily recognizable from its smaller cousin the O Gauge CCS 66 12920 locomotive is the dual-motor design. 4001883325606. Free postage. They are also called “Eisenschwein” – “metal-pig”, or maybe “rail-pig”. Marklin G 800 … Blauwdrukken Landschap Diorama. These locomotives were first produced in the early 1920s. Most manufacturers leave out this insignia to avoid any potential confusion or copyright infringement. The best produced models from Biaggi have a wonderful shine from the hand-lacquering as did the Marklin locos from the time. CCS 800 3022 3056. American distributor Richard Marklin ordered this locomotive specially for the American market. Additionally, the printed instruction sheets show that, so far the CCS 800 instructions have print editions from 1951, and then 1955! … Share - Märklin H0 E-Lok Serie Ce 6/8 II Krokodil der SBB (32560) CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. If one finds any of these crocodiles it usually has a glued grey underframe. Such "exotic" voltages were widespread in Europe until the 1950 and especially in Italy until the 1970s. x 8356 13302 Grn plastic green analog Hamo DC + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Pre … This caused so much anger in the world of crocodile-lovers and the model did not sell well. To enable all features please. The Italian manufacturer Biaggi run by Francesco Biaggi produced a wonderful Gauge I crocodile with semblance to the original Marklin crocodile. 15 watchers. 3015.8/CCS800 12920 metal green or white centr mtr analog no to scale 700-811 Crocodile was produced in O Gauge possibly in the 1940s or 1950s. or Best Offer. NOTE: Links to view external auctions link to eBay through an affiliate link. Marklin Rare Gauge 1 Dining Car. Pre-Owned. From United States. Stromversorgung. … Seltener Märklin H0 TW800 Triebwagen Grün/Elfenbein um ca.1950 Märklin. Vintage Boten Brooklyn Houten Boten Rolmodellen Miniaturen Zeilboten Antiek Speelgoed. There are no reviews yet. Vintage Marklin Ho Scale Dt800 Double Railcars . These first production “Krokodil” locomotives were built between 1919 and 1927. 32000 / Mtl Ti Millenium platinum precious metal white model sine motor Dig. Locomotives To the overview. One locomotive in this set was in white livery for the New York Central Lines. Is there anyway to just browse my photos and select or must I upload the pics to a web host? See similar items. Märklin H0 E-Lok Serie Ce 6/8 II Krokodil der SBB (32560) About this product. Be the first to review “Märklin 00/H0 # CCS 800 – krokodil – 4. version 1950” Cancel reply. NOTE: Links to view external auctions link to eBay through an affiliate link. I also would not try to use the old transformer. marklin-users.net community These first production “Krokodil” locomotives were built between 1919 and 1927. 5558 14282 Grn metal green analog Gauge 1 I can supply a v.4 (with zinc pest alas). View all Top Picks here. Marklin Vintage H0 Gauge Re800. 39566 14271 metal brown 2x C-sine mtr MFX+ snd Further would this loco run on Marklin M track in analog mode? Marklin Vintage H0 Gauge Re800. Click & Collect. 32560 Märklin: Ce 6/8 II 14 2019 Krokodil-sähköveturi, H0 Kullattu CE6/8 II Krokodil 100-vuotisjuhlamallli: Sähköjärjestelmä: vaihtovirta (AC) Ohjausjärjestelmä: digitaalinen, mfx+/dcc : Rajoitettu malli: numero 0835/3500: Viimeistely: Metalliosat päällystetty molemmin puolin 24-karatin kultauksella : Rautatieyhtiö: Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen (SBB/CFF/FFS) Valtio: Sveitsin valaliitto (CHE) Hinta: € 999.99 . x 3356 13302 grn metal brown and green analog Whether in green, brown, or white livery, each locomotive is an absolute treasure to behold! Märklin H0 - 37521 - Electric locomotive - De 6/6, "Seetal-Crocodile". These locomotives, with their articulated “noses” and many axles, had incredible pulling power and hauled heavy goods trains, commonly including coal cars, on the steep tracks of the … The primary indicates 125 V which is fine for the standard US 115-120 V service. From United Kingdom +C $33.11 shipping. The first version also has the rare first version of the Type 4 pantographs which are slightly different in design. Marklin AC HO SK-800 German BR-06 STREAMLINED STEAM LOCOMOTIVE Diecast NMIB 1959. Here is an overview of all G1 and HO models Unfortunately, my father is no longer with us so I cannot ask him questions or have him help me locate some of the trains around the house. Märklin H0/AC 3000 Tender/Steam Locomotive 89 028 Used UK Seller. I would now like to use them with my children. Grue à Vapeur . Märklin Tin-Ships Battleship "BROOKLYN" series II, of this massive ship. 18-inches in length. $1,270.53. 3652 14301 Bwn metal brown Dig Fx green analog So, gentlemen, are we saying the little silver "buttons" on the underside in the middle are the pick-ups for the third rail rather than the slider? £949.50. Several first version locomotives have shown up in the USA and in the UK more regularly than other locations around the world. $1300.00. Thank you, Stephan. EAN. Starting with the large gauge crocodiles and into the CCS 800 and 3015 in HO scale, Marklin modeled this loco masterfully. Märklin. 14 301; 1x E-Lok Nr. Class RAm TEE "EDELWEISS" Diesel Powered Railcar Train Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) class RAm TEE diesel powered railcar train as the TEE "EDELWEISS", with the train route Amsterdam - Brussels North - Luxembourg - Strasbourg - Basle - Zürich. Based on the black claw couplers this locomotive likely dates from 1936 or 1937. Save märklin st 800 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 39560 14310 metal green C-sinus motor Digital no MFX I remember that somewhere in a book about HORNBY a transformer for 75V / 100 Hz is described. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Another such notable manufacturer with roots in Switzerland where these locomotives were original produced is Elektro Keiser (Alois Keiser). From United Kingdom +C $48.86 shipping. The massive, highly-detailed engine measures approx. I appreciate that you talk about the sandbox but as far as I’m aware that’s only in v.4 and then again on the 3015 from 1955(?). Bekijk meer ideeën over trein, modeltreinen, modeltrein. 3556 14305 grn/mtl Metal/plastic White Henry Dunant red Cross version (by Schwieger Nuremberg) $1300.00. Ein bekannter Hersteller Schweizer … MÄRKLIN ST 800 GUSS TRIEBWAGEN 3 TEILIG CREME/BLAU TOP RESTAURIERT NH5595. From Germany. Using print codes we can also determine the quantity of instruction sheets printed for each year. Although the pantographs pose a slight discrepancy as they are not the version from the RS 700, but rather appear to be from the RS 800 model which was first conceived in 1938. Remchingen . III (1950 - 1970) Rautatieyhtiö: Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) Valtio: Saksan liittotasavalta (DEU) Hinta: € 339.95 . For its 50th anniversary of producing the legendary crocodile, Marklin made the models 30159 and 36159 in 1996. SUPERB 1950 VINTAGE MARKLIN 3025 AC - RARE GERMAN DB 4 CAR "TRIEBWAGEN" DMU … The trains were kept in my parents house and I have not found all the boxes yet. eBay Product ID (ePID) 7031854893. 22 watchers. Railtracks To the … 37566 13257 metal green 2 motors Very Rare Marklin Toy Cannon 8065 Made In Germany Wwi Era . x 3015. Its design and styling are exquisite, just like the original. The original full-production run produced 33 class Ce 6/8 II and 18 class Ce 6/8 III locomotives, making a total of 51 locomotives. The transformer you show in the picture is rated for North American use. Vintage Marklin Ho Scale Dt800 Double Railcars. I have analog and digital H0 Collection. View full description. Grue à Vapeur Ardelt 57t Digitale Son 3r-ho-1/87-marklin 49570. Your email address will not be published. Herstellernummer. Top Marken Günstige Preise Große Auswahl 10 or 20 might have been sent at a time to foreign dealers to see how the market reacted, since this was Marklin’s first sale of a crocodile in HO scale after all. Da die Seetal-Loks jedoch wendiger und leichter sein mussten, wurden passende mechanische Kom-ponenten von der parallel gebauten kleinen Rangierlokomo-tive Ee 3/3 verwendet. "Teun Hocks" BR 120.1 der DB AG / Märklin 37532; Güterzuglokomotive Serie Ae 8/14 der SBB / Märklin 37593 ; Mehrzwecklokomotive BR E 93 der DB / Märklin 37870; BR E 10.3 der DB / Märklin 39120; PersonenzuglokomotiveBR E 69 der DB / Märklin … The CCS 800 Swiss crocodile is perhaps one of the most beautiful and exotic-looking locomotives of the time. Vintage Marklin - $1259.99. You also find the best and biggest international M rklin discussion forum community here with members from all over the world. This CCS 800 came in a box stamped 1951 (and corresponding instruction sheet), but with features of a later 1954 loco. Your email … £949.50. Reviews (0) Ask a Question; Reviews. Märklin H0 - 48042 - Freight … Marklin Toy & Train Evaluation and Appraisal, Gold inscription. Marklin HO ST 800 MT in Box 1950 very GOOD Condition Märklin. C $1,721.87. Later versions .2 and .3 produced in the following years had hexagonal screws. Save märklin st800 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Type General … Tags: marklin, krokodil, grun, auktion, funktioniert, einwandfrei, technischen, lieferumfang, ohne, anleitung. There are no known Gauge 1 variants of this white-painted crocodile but manufacturers have produced this locomotive as a dream-creation as well. Märklin 3015 Krokodil CE 6/8 SBB CCS 800 TOP Zustand grün E Lok H0. That does not sound like a Maerklin 3 rail track from the 1950s. Marklin 55001 Gauge 0-6-0 Br 8962 Live Steam Locomotive And Tender … Märklin H0 - 3362 - three piece set and 2 engine GM EMD F-7 of the Santa Fé With original packaging and (MHI) booklets. Click & Collect. ESU 51965 Aimant Permanent Pour Märklin … Not to scale 1996 Click & Collect. A site made for M rklin model train users by users, lots of info on digital, model reviews and more marklin info. Entworfen wurde das Spur 0 Krokodil im Hause Märklin unter der Leitung von Friedrich Rieker. Boxed 427 Ccs Märklin E-lok Loco Marklin 1956 Krokodil Cff 800 Ce Sbb 6/8 Nl. The ideal would be a photo of each one. 2 Loks Märklin, Spur H0, 1x E-Lok Nr. Nov 26, 2019 - Explore K Vitsing's board "Marklin" on Pinterest. Without question, the scale models produced by Marklin of this Swiss legend for almost a century paid close attention to detail and design. Marklin 55001 - $1240.31. EUR 6,00 Versand. Glad you enjoyed it! This locomotive carries semblance to the special-order locomotive in O Gauge mentioned earlier. In addition to the lack of newly printed instruction sheets, we also know that boxes were shared among CCS 800 locos. This locomotive is highly sought after and fetches incredible prices at auction. Instead, these are made after the German “E44”-class locomotive. Some of the earliest models with semblance to the Marklin crocodiles were actually so-called “alligator” locomotives. Jim Kelly-Evans from TinplateTimes.com has done a wonderful video showing his Biaggi crocodile in operation on his layout: Well-known producers Selzer and HEHR also produce Marklin crocodiles in O Gauge. Seetal-Krokodil Serie De 6/6 der SBB / Märklin 37521 / Einmalige Serie; BR 120.1 "150 Jahre Märklin" DB / Märklin 37530; Mehrzwecklokomotive. Everything was fully operational 25 years ago but some boxes and items may have been lost to Hurricane Andrew in '92. View full description. $1259.99. I read the following story (Greenberg’s guide to Marklin 00/H0, p. 42: In 1976 Markin re-introduced the Crocodile, but with a plastic upper structure and a grey (instead of black) underframe! They are also called “Eisenschwein” – “metal-pig”, or “rail-pig” depending on the translation. 3352, Guss, braun, Krokodil der SBB, BR Be 6/8 III, bez. $749.99. SKU: 392661748095 Category: Top Picks. There are no reviews yet. In the summer of 2009, Marklin presented the same set with different numbers, under set number 31860. With H0 Scale Märklin as the first manufacturer has made sure that the dream of having your own model railroad is easier to fulfill: Sturdy enough to withstand the rough, everyday routine in the playroom, fascinating worlds of play can be created with H0 (1:87 scale) that enable operations close to reality. 36159 3015 Bwn metal brown centr mtr digital not on scale 1996 Very Rare - $1250.00 . And thank you for producing that wonderful Biaggi video! 39569 14310 metal green weathered snow $32.11 shipping. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. 23 Beobachter. Click here to get a free evaluation. Only one example is known which remains today in the Marklin museum in Goppingen. Although Marklin survived the War, its plans for a CCS model in HO scale were significantly delayed. The first prototype of this model carried the number CCS 700 from the pre-war years. #39706 (Märklin Insider Club) / # T22976 (Trix Club) - Gauge H0. See more ideas about Model trains, Model train layouts, Model railroad. Endet am 3. In the year 1949 the model CCS 800 was reinvented in a new design with engineering elements more similar to the other “Super Model” introduced in the late 1940s. Märklin 00/H0 # CCS 800 – krokodil – 4. version 1950. 31859 NYClines Wh/Grn/Brn metal brown and green 150 yr Marklin NYC centr.  | Reason: Not specified. The firm decided to accept the return of this model and to discontinue this plastic version with grey underframe and all grey metal frames were destroyed……The trash bin was later raided and the grey underframes re-glued. MÄRKLIN, Crocodiles, KROKODIL,doppel traktion, modelleisenbahn, SBB, CFF, FFS, DB, ÖBB, - Duration: 7:45. jean marie collard 14,435 views 4001883325606 . Marklin formed its business in 1859 and as a tribute to this, they made the set in a limited edition of just 1859 units. Mtr analog 2009 Die Firma Märklin stellte ihre ersten Krokodil-Lokomotiven im Katalog 1933/34 in Spur 0 und Spur 1 vor und legt seitdem immer wieder neue Serien in allen Spurweiten auf. Marke. The article states the loco is articulated – does this refer to the body and chassis and/or just the driving wheel boogies. With the introduction of Z scale in the 1980s, Marklin of course had to produce a mini-sized crocodile. I am concerned about your comment that the track is a hard plastic. 3756 13305 Grn metal green DCM 5-pole mtr Be6/8 and Ce 6/8 digital No MFX First year with silver inscriptions. The frames and housings require very little tolerances – even 1mm warping and the gears will not mesh and your loco is dead on the tracks. Lieferung an Abholstation. Variante 3015.06 SBB (Swiss) & SJ (Swedish) Electric Locomotive Double Set - Reissue of two Märklin classics from the 1950s - Both locomotives are packaged individually with a colored representation of each locomotive on its respective packaging - This is based on the historic packaging for the models in question - There is also a master package in a style befitting these models - m fx Digital - Era III - Limited Swiss Crocodile: … Later in 2009, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Marklin firm, they produced two models faithful to the original one. Congrau\tulations you are on the right way.The loco is perfect,enjoy her. Buy It Now. 37564 14305 Blu metal blue MFX This first version is distinct from later variants .2 and .3 because of its Schlitz Schrauben or slotted screws that secure the side linkages to the wheels. Märklin Krokodil / CCS 800 HO E.-Lok der SBB, STA 6 / grün / Guß / / techn.-ok, EUR 459,00. EUR 58,00 . Marklin Märklin Ccs 800 Sbb Cff Krokodil Ce 6/8 E-lok Loco 427 Emballé 1956 Nl. oder 5B. Märklin H0 3015 Schweizer Krokodil Vitrinenmodell ähnl. … MARKLIN MäRKLIN CCS 800 SBB CFF KROKODIL Ce 6/8 E-LOK LOCO 427 BOXED 1956 nl. Interesting history, very informative. Be the first to review “Seltener Märklin H0 TW800 Triebwagen Grün/Elfenbein um ca.1950 Märklin” Cancel reply. Ein Original-Spur-1-Krokodil aus jenem Jahr – das ursprünglich 290 RM kostete, damals ein durchschnittlicher Monatslohn eines Arbeiters, wurde 1997 bei Christie’s für 100.000 DM versteigert. Click & Collect. Login to your marklin-users.net community | Forum account, My (new) layout progress - BrandonBahn III, My previous layout - Brandonbahn II (click here), http://www.rivarossi-mem...o_1948/Catalogo_1948.htm, https://www.marklin-user...rce.ashx?i=30519&b=1, https://www.marklin-user...rce.ashx?i=29910&b=1, http://www.lctm.info/Biblioteca/index.htm, YAF.NET © 2003-2020, Yet Another Forum.NET. Zwei Treibradgruppen (hier ohne Vorläufer) tragen einen 3-teiligen Aufbau.

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