Risk encounters are defined by the app as encounters with a person tested positive for the coronavirus. How do I get my times credited? 5) Illness of your child: If your child falls ill, you will be granted ten days of paid leave for childcare according to § 45 para. persons tested positive by PCR test, who did not have symptoms at any time. After logging in with your personal KIT account, you will find access and help pages: How to ILIAS - Introduction to KIT's Learning Management System for students: https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/goto.php?target=crs_635565&client_id=produktiv, Help for students using ILIAS: https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/goto.php?target=cat_947332&client_id=produktiv, Online course catalog of the KIT: https://campus.studium.kit.edu/events/catalog.php#!campus/all/fields.asp?group=Vorlesungsverzeichnis, In case of technical problems with ILIAS, please contact: ilias∂studium.kit.edu. Students who already have a German master’s degree and register for a second (or another) consecutive master’s program will be obliged to pay second-degree tuition fees in the amount of EUR 650 per semester as from winter semester 2017/2018 on. The Medical Services (MED) or Experts for Work Safety  (FAS) can be consulted too for workplace risk assessment. Whom can I turn to in the current situation? Time reports can also be sent to PSE-Zeitwirtschaft as collective Business Unit or Staff Unit lists via the relevant secretariat. The lecture period will start on November 02 (see, The course catalog for the 2020/21 winter semester can be found on. You will find the link to "Beihilfeantrag-Online" (Aid Online) in the customer portal under the menu item "Service". Generally, persons entering or returning from abroad from a risk area where they have stayed within the last ten days before entering are now obliged to immediately after entry quarantine themselves for ten days. The following examples are to illustrate when a list of participants is usually necessary and under which circumstances it is possible to do without one. What should I consider? Please resort to telephone or video conferences (e.g. For this reason, external venues have been rented. Our new basic standards in times of Corona include the compliance with infection protection (distance, small groups, handwashing, sneezing and coughing etiquette). Since October 1, 2020, differentiated travel instructions have again been in effect for all countries worldwide. If the regular weekly working time is not distributed over five working days, the proportion increases or decreases accordingly. Additionally, send us. The quarantine can be terminated prematurely after five days, provided that a negative test result has been obtained. Furthermore, they must not have had contact with people who tested positive for Covid-19 during the past 14 days. The authorized signatories are deposited there. The Crisis Unit is constantly observing the changing situation and will provide information on imminent measures on the KIT homepage, the “Studying” website, the intranet (employees portal), the students portal, and other channels, if applicable. What is recommended from the medical point of view? Please note: Your library account must not show any fees or loans. What has to be considered for the examinations in the summer semester 2020? The crisis management team therefore recommends refraining from business trips to high-risk areas and domestic hotspots or limiting travel to what is absolutely necessary. In such cases, the impossibility of carrying out one’s duty is caused in breach of duty. When using FFP2 masks, make sure that they have no valve. According to the current Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg (CoronaVO), there is an obligation to collect contact data (Art. •    https://www.infektionsschutz.de/haendewaschen.html#c6354 (in German) 4 and Articles 10 and 6 CoronaVO). The application deadline for applications according to §7 LHGebG (financial reasons) is July 31 for the following winter term and January 31 for the following summer term. I plan a business trip. What do I have to consider? If the deadline for taking examinations is to be extended for the remaining students of the diploma courses, an amendment of the study and examination regulations (SPO) is necessary. How can I currently conduct job interviews? This obligation is mandatory for all universities. Food for consumption outside the dining hall (take away) can be packed as usual at the food distribution points for transport on request. in the corridor). Personal data are transmitted in encrypted form in principle, the relevant contact data will only be retrieved in case of a suspected infection. Books  that are ready for collection can still be collected on December 16, 2020 at the normal opening times. Compensation payments will be made to your payroll account. Employees who are able to perform a not insignificant part of their individual target working time due to the necessary childcare (e.g. Time off may only be granted if and to the extent that, in a specific individual case, no work can be performed by the employees in the home office or presence work. The Corona-Warn-App of the Federal Government is an important helper to trace and interrupt infection chains. One of our established basic standards in corona times is the observance of infection protection (keeping distance, reducing contact, meeting only in small groups, washing hands, sneezing and coughing etiquette). Since the suspension of the regular course of studies in March 2020, there have been discussions in Germany about the introduction of a "discretionary semester". Community masks do not offer reliable protection against the inhalation of aerosol particles, i.e. Centrally administrated lecture halls and rooms will be equipped with signs of the distancing, hygiene, and mask rules (in German: AHA-Regeln), regulations on the prohibition of access and participation according to Article 7, Corona VO, and accessories for cleaning the tables and chairs. Sie bezeichnet die Studiengebühren als ungerecht, diskriminierend und juristisch nicht haltbar. If you suffer from the above typical symptoms but cannot find a doctor who approves a Covid-19 test, we recommend that you contact the public health office responsible for your place of residence (by telephone or email. According to Article 19 BBiG, this also applies to trainees. Other rooms and premises, including a large tent in front of the Audimax and, on a temporary basis, the dm-Arena, will be used in addition to the lecture halls of KIT. What has to be considered for the exams in the summer semester 2020? mouth, nose, or eyes), the virus may be transmmitted in this way. Tuition fees according to Article 3 LHGebG will be reimbursed entirely in the following cases: If the requirements outlined in Article 5 LHGebG are fulfilled later than one month upon the start of the lecturing period, no tuition fees will be reimbursed for the current semester. KIT‘s Center for Teacher Education (Zentrum für Lehrerbildung) also collects all information on the current situation relevant to KIT student teachers: According to the corona ordinances, community masks (which are also referred to as simple face masks or mouth-and-nose covers) are mandatory in certain places or under certain circumstances. The technical support staff of KIT can be reached by calling +49 721 608 5555  (internally, calling 5555 will be sufficient) or by mailing to stoermeldung-cn∂fm kit edu  (Campus North) and stoermeldung-cs∂fm kit edu (Campus South, West, East). An appropriate form is available for download. Home. In case that your risk encounter check was not activated long enough,  no risk of infection could be calculated at the time of warning, and your display will show "unknown risk". Can I enroll online? Where can I find help, for example, on the subjects of online teaching, digital course preparation, and everyday university life? Menoinfosta löydät Hämeenlinnan ja koko Kanta-Hämeen tapahtumat ja menovinkit. Students who have received notification of a positive test from an external health department and who had personal contacts in Karlsruhe during the period in question should contact the Karlsruhe health department immediately so that contact person tracking can be started quickly. Parking lot P1 at Messe Karlsruhe is available free of charge. Applications for leaves have to be submitted to the, Under certain circumstances, foreign refugees (tolerated foreigners, foreigners recognized as refugees, etc.) What is the status quo of the bistro and canteen on Campus North and the cafeterias and canteens on Campus South? To prove this status, however, these students are obliged to submit additional documents: International Students Information Request Form. In addition, the following central requirements must be observed for data protection-compliant collection of contact data (more detailed information is available on the website of the Data Protection Staff Unit): Further information & FAQs on this subject can be found on the pages of the Data Protection Staff Unit (DSB): https://www.dsb.kit.edu/479.php (in German only). You should discuss with your supervisor wether or not from home is an alternative. Please be considerate of colleagues who may be even more affected than you. We would also like to pass on a request from the Karlsruhe Health Office to the students: If you have problems, let them know to your colleagues of DE FM (Facility Management). 2, No. This concept has now been adapted to the current situation and the amended legal provisions. Due to the handling of the corona pandemic, the start of lectures of the winter semester 2020/21 at KIT has been postponed to November 2, 2020. Research on corona: Volkswagen Foundation funds project at JU Suna Turhan: Between social commitment and US-American start-ups STEM event at Jacobs University Bremen Research trip in the North Sea over Christmas. Guests and service providers with an appointment should contact their contact person in the building in advance by telephone or, if necessar… If, despite reopening of the daycare facility, there are serious problems with the compatibility of work and family life, please contact your supervisor or your superior to find out whether it is possible to extend working from home. Local TV. The points listed here should only be observed if the employee was present at the KIT during the last 48 hours before the appearance of symptoms or the smear for the corona test. In order to comply with these legal requirements, we have included the associated data protection declaration for your own information. : CN 22069 or CS 44313) can also provide advice at any time. For this reason, both examination dates and locations were rescheduled. If you do not participate in ESS/MSS, and are still on campus occasionally, please note down your daily working hours for one working week and have the list signed by your supervisor. There is no question, however, that the Corona App is especially helpful on the way to work and in many other situations. This also applies to joint lunch breaks, for example in the team room or the communal kitchen. https://www.scc.kit.edu/dienste/ms-teams.php, https://www.infektionsschutz.de/haendewaschen.html#c6354. How do I get a new one? Questions relating to work at home are answered by your superior and the officer responsible for you at DE PSE. Please state your student ID number and the name(s) and number(s) of the examination(s) from which you wish to deregister. Exceptions are only made for individual examinations and doctoral examinations. Click here for short instructions. At KIT, the previous regulations will be continued until then. KIT Employees who wish to contact LBV are requested to make inquiries via the customer portal. The current menu can be viewed at https://www.aserv.kit.edu/downloads/Speiseplan_englisch.pdf. The Bistro at Campus North opens every weekday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in restricted operation in accordance with the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg and analogous to other shopping facilities: Wearing a private everyday mask in the bistro is obligatory according to the Corona Ordinance. If necessary, additional authorizations can be requested promptly via DE FM (gm3-ses-cs∂fm.kit.edu). Persons who are or have been in contact with someone infected with the Corona virus are not allowed access neither to the KIT canteen nor to the bistro if 14 days have not yet passed since the last contact, or if they show typical symptoms of an infection with the corona virus, namely fever, dry cough, and/or disturbance of the sense of taste or smell. For scientific users, the DFNconf service provided by DFN offers video, audio, and web conferences (while capacities last). Even if courses of study have priority in the allocation of rooms, students and teaching staff must continue to be prepared for largely digital studies due to infection protection measures (in particular compliance with the minimum distance) and the resulting limited availability of rooms. What can I do? in public transport, shops, or restaurants, etc. At workplaces or in laboratories and rooms that are used jointly (e.g. This means that the community mask primarily does not serve to protect the person wearing it, but to protect other people. The Corona App shows me a warning, how should I react? Depending on the number of persons and the activities, protective measures may therefore be necessary, which the management of the organizational units will take after having assessed the risk at the relevant workplace or after having discussed the individual situation. Öffnungszeiten Skriptenverkauf montags bis freitags 09.00 Uhr bis 12.30 Uhr und 13.00 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr Nur bargeldlose Zahlung mit der KIT-Card möglich! If necessary, a one-off extension for up to another seven days can be obtained by telephone. How long is the lecture period in winter semester 2020/21? All students who want to acquire a degree at KIT will be obliged to pay the following fees/charges every semester: * The possibility of the above-mentioned exemption and exception from paying the tuition fees for international students or second-degree students does NOT apply to these general semester fees. 1 No. Please note the following information for participation in examinations: Please read the declaration enclosed (Annex 3, Declaration on the Absence of a Suspected Corona Virus Infection), sign it on the date of the examination or shortly before it to confirm your current state of health for the examination. It cannot be ruled out that local authorities will take quarantine measures at the destination upon entry or during the further stay. All students whose state examination is due in the period of spring 2020 have to register bindingly at Landeslehrerprüfungsamt (LLPA) Karlsruhe by May 6, 2020, 4 p.m. Upload. What is the state of affairs for the winter semester 2020/21 with regard to classroom teaching? More information on data collection can be found at: https://www.dsb.kit.edu/479.php (in German only). The rule from the resolution states that employers should consider drastically reducing attendance at work sites either through company furloughs or generous home office solutions for the period from Dec. 16, 2020, to Jan. 10, 2021. International students who already pay tuition fees for international students will not be obliged to pay tuition fees for second-degree studies. Restricted possibilities for leisure activities or vacations due to the current situation are not reasons for cancellation. In most cases, working from home will allow for this to be ensured. We thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and wish you a good start of the new semester in spite of the pandemic! If urgent business reasons make it necessary to travel to a foreign risk area, a compulsory occupational health provision in accordance with G35 is indicated in advance. Bring it along for the examination. To comply with the Corona Ordinance of the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg (MWK), please wear community masks as used in public life, e.g. When leaving the room, these cloths must be disposed of in the waste bins available. Documentation obligations (who was present? What has to be considered for future studies at the KIT? Superiors who become aware of a suspected Covid-19 case are requested to contact one of the KIT Medical Services (MED) company physicians (Tel. 1) Working from home for child care purposes. Due to the hygiene regulations and the requirement to keep distance, far fewer people than usual are now allowed to stay in the rooms. Further information can be found on the pages of the KIT Medical Services: The deadlines for taking the last examinations within the Diplom degree programs that are being phased out are stated in the transitional Bachelor's and Master's regulations. https://www.hoc.kit.edu/zlb/823.php. If you have  questions regarding the registration or crediting processes, please contact your academic advisors. If any such contact becomes known after work has been started, the KIT contact person must be informed immediately. If you do not participate in ESS/MSS and will not be coming to campus for the foreseeable future, please note your daily working hours for one working week in a list (Word/Excel) and email it to PSE-Zeitwirtschaft with your supervisor in CC. In contrast to the Diplom  students, students still enrolled in the outdated SPO upon expiration of the examination deadlines automatically fall under the new study and examination regulations. The excluded examinees are recommended to contact the responsible examination committee, if they have questions regarding the further proceeding (e.g. In addition, the wearing of a mouth-nose covering (MNB) is strongly recommended for the protection of the participants. Die Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ist als staatliche Universität eine kostengünstige und zugleich qualitativ gute Wahl für internationale Studierende.

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