#af-form-1090581944 select,#af-form-1090581944 label,#af-form-1090581944 optgroup,#af-form-1090581944 option{padding:0;} almost at the surface with drop-offs descending to over 100m. Being a less crowded town with a laid back atmosphere, it is one of the best spot for divers for practicing. Almost all of the diving is easily accessible from the shore, including the extremely popular Blue Hole, best dived from El Bells, a narrow (but easy) entry to the exterior wall, and the Canyon, a deep rock crevice in a gently-sloping reef interspersed with small coral bommies and huge numbers of fish. The best places for diving in Southern Egypt. Due to the canyons being open to the surface the sunlight The dives at Ras Abu Soma are considered to be some of the best in the region, along with the Tobia reefs, also known as the 'Seven Pinnacles'. Recommended PADI courses: Deep Diver, Cavern Diver. hawksbill turtles, passing eagle rays, stonefish, scorpionfish and nudibranchs. including giant grazing green turtles, guitar rays, cuttlefish and, for those The Red Sea in Egypt is famous among scuba divers for the most colourful reefs in crystal clear waters, for the blue hole, for some of the best wrecks in the world and for sharks!. Visibility is excellent all year round, wind might be strong sometimes. Less crowded places for professional divers: Quseir. Now, if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience, … Sha'ab El Erg and Dolphin House, less frequently visited by the day boats from Hurghada, is home to a large pod of dolphins and encounters are common. Sharm El Sheikh has been, for many years, the favourite Egyptian destination for scuba divers, and has probably contributed more to the European dive business than any other resort in the world. Take a look at our best diving spots in Egypt post, to learn a bit more about the places which you might wish to explore in the future. #af-form-1090581944 form,#af-form-1090581944 textarea,.af-form-wrapper,.af-form-close-button,#af-form-1090581944 img{float:none;color:inherit;position:static;background-color:none;border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} The Pharos Island, Alexandria, Mediterranean Sea. How to get there: Direct flights to Sharm are available from most European countries; for those who might have been hibernating over the winter. DIVELive is free, full archive available to digital subscribers, ©Syon Geographical Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Safaga and the surrounding area is often overlooked by tourists flocking to Hurghada (Photo: Valerii Iavtushenko/Shutterstock). Ras Mohammed is the home of more than 1,200 fish species and 220 species of coral.It is a must when traveling in a siving safari in the north Red Sea that also has two extraordinary wrecks near, the SS Thistlegorm and the SS Dunraven. El Gouna's carefully designed and curated resort contrasts with the surrounding desert (Photo: Andre Nekrasov/Shutterstock). Glassfishes - These fish species with transparent bodies are part of the Chandidae family. #af-form-1090581944 .buttonContainer input.submit{background-image:none;background-color:#6D8CE8;color:#FAF7FA;text-decoration:none;font-style:normal;font-weight:normal;font-size:16px;font-family:Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;} Though it was founded over a century ago, Hurghada is one of the best scuba diving spots in Egypt lived a relatively uneventful life as a small coastal village until the 1980s, when its prime location along the Red Sea began to garner attention from European and Russian tourists. If you’ve been inspired to visit Egypt be sure to check out our travel offers with PADI Travel. Dive in with me! Still not visited by many liveaboard boats, and out of range for day-trip diving, St. John's offers among the best diving in the Red Sea. #af-form-1090581944.af-quirksMode{overflow-x:hidden;} #af-form-1090581944 .af-standards .af-element{padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;} The Giftun islands are popular with divers of all abilities, and, like El Gouna just a short drive to the north, the proximity of Sha'ab Abu Nuhas and its wrecks is popular with wreck divers from beginner level to advanced tech. Sign up today to immediately download our unique FREE gifts -, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WRECKS - DIVE's 70-page, beautifully illustrated, colour guide to the world’s best wrecks, SCUBA STORIES - DIVE's collection f real life stories where divers, who have got themselves into perilous situations, describe how they reacted and what actions they took to ensure they lived to tell the tale, PACIFIC - Highlights of the Pacific - Dancing mantas in Hawaii • The Best Diving in the World, Galápagos, Cocos, Malpelo & Socorro • Mass Spawning Events in Palau, #af-form-1090581944 .af-body .af-textWrap{width:98%;display:block;float:none;} There's very little in the way of an 'authentic' Egypt here, but it has been very well designed with a range of boutique hotels, spas and private villas available for rent. snappers, goatfish, fusiliers and blue-spotted rays. Beth (“my lovelies”) Sanders, after achieving her PADI Open Water in her native Wales in became completely addicted to the underwater world. and turns inhabited by a variety of marine life including nudibranchs, Daily diving is from shore or boat, so it's a great option for people who don't like spending all day at sea, but still want to visit some of the best dive spots in the area. These are some of the few, 'must mention' top diving locations in Egypt essential to any great, self respecting dive guide book. While there are great options to do dives on a day trip basis it is way more fun to book a liveaboard trip and enjoy the comforts of living on your dive boat. .af-form{text-align:left;margin:auto;} The central area of Masbat is full of beach-front bars and restaurants (in a good way) and comfortable budget accommodations, with bigger hotels just south in Mashraba. #af-form-1090581944 .af-body input.text:focus, #af-form-1090581944 .af-body textarea:focus{background-color:inherit;border-color:#D5D5D5;border-width:1px;border-style:inset;} As with other destinations, it's often easier to fly to Hurghada and make the three-hour road trip to Port Ghalib, but liveaboard operators generally fulfil the travel requirements. Marsa Alam is another great place to depart for day trips to Elphinstone to spot sharks, including the hammerheads that often school around the north plateau. .af-body .af-textWrap{text-align:left;} The waterfront at Abu Tig is a wonderful place to spend an evening, with some excellent restaurants. … .af-element{padding-bottom:5px;padding-top:5px;} Egypt. Most of the dive sites are shore dives. body { black tip reef sharks and in the early mornings it is not uncommon for dolphins How to get there: Direct flights to either Hurghada or Marsa Alam. With an incredible diversity of diving on offer, from famous Ras Mohammed is the oldest protected marine park in the Egyptian Red Sea. The South Red Sea is less popular and offers much less crowded dive sites and pristine reefs with superb coral. Image CC licensed by Eric Burguers. destinations » Diving the Red Sea » Red Sea Dive Sites. Save Save spotting a dugong grazing on the seagrass but there’s plenty more to see, currents in the area. of the reef, or follow the easy reef dive on the southern side where an Swimming along the plateau, you will notice a crack in A canyon system runs through the south part of the Try one of our featured destinations from DIVE's travel partners. Simply give us your best email address in the box below to stay connected. with a good eye, ghost pipefish and seahorses. distracted by the pelagic action there’s a whole host of marine life to enjoy, to the surface. Here you’ll find an impressive variety of soft corals One of the newer dive sites in the area and the biggest In the summer months the reef flat is home to baby So let’s dig a little deeper into each of these 10 best African dive sites: Egypt Red Sea. St. John's Liveaboard Diving. Maximum depth: 100m + Visibility: up to 50m. A better alternative is to fly into Cairo and take the 2.5-hour bus ride to Alexandria, The iconic lighthouse of Big Brother (Photo: James A Dawson/Shutterstock). For those prepared to brave the ever-changing conditions, however, the results are spectacular, especially for lovers of big fish, as sharks and other large pelagics are regularly spotted at various times of the year. efforts and provides shelter for glassfish, lionfish and even ornate ghost Alternative routes involve flying to Cairo and catching an internal flight to Hurghada. Flights to Hurghada are far more frequent, with a transfer time of around 1 hour 45 minutes. Kaleidoscopic corals grow here thanks to the diverse Sightings of passing whale sharks and The Mediterranean-based seaport of Alexandria is a must for history buffs and divers … Discover more HD Videos on Scuba Diving on YouDive.TV.. Big Brother and Little Brother are two island reefs approximately 70km distant from the port town of El Quseir, and only accessible by liveaboard. their top dive site picks in this incredible diving location. Unsubscribe anytime. offers stunning light effects and juvenile fish. Following the drop in tourism after the 2015 Russian airline disaster, the reefs have rebounded with large schools of fish returning to the area, and pelagic species such as whale sharks and manta rays spotted on a regular basis. which contain the fascinating cargo. hatchet and glassfish. Dahab is one of Egypt's best-loved destinations, a wonderful mixture of great scuba diving in a chilled and laid-back atmosphere, popular with the backpacking community and a relaxed contrast to the overwhelmingly touristy Sharm El Sheikh, 80km to the south. Alexandria. The UK's FCO currently advises against 'all but essential travel' to Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba, but there are no reports of problems associated with any of these active resorts. 10 Best diving spots in Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea – Egypt April 12, 2019 4 Comments Sharm El Sheikh is the biggest City in the Sinai peninsula and is known as the City of Peace. including clouds of anthias, schooling snappers, turtles, tuna, jacks and Save Save. the reef, which if you dive into opens up to a breath-taking cavern full of … cargo, including the diving world’s most famous toilets. The 9 Best Places to Dive in Egypt Northern Red Sea: Ras Mohammed National Park, Straits of Tiran and SS Thistlegorm. barracuda. barracudas and impressive schools of fusiliers. Marsa Abu Dabab is a particular highlight, famous for the resident population of dugong, one of the few places in the Red Sea that these animals can still be seen on a daily dive excursion. The main superstructure presents many swim-throughs, whilst The ride is approximately 1.5 hours through some magnificent desert scenery, your accommodation or dive centre will be happy to arrange transfers. Once a small fishing village, since regular tourism began in the 1980s, Hurghada has grown to be the largest resort on the Egyptian mainland. .af-clear{clear:both;} direct flights from the UK resumed in October 2019 and there are now plenty of options available. months and oceanic white tips in autumn. From July to September, it is the hottest month with a Water temperature of about 28°C. Dahab's Blue Hole is a favourite with tec divers and freedivers (Photo: Paul Prescott/Shutterstock). The prettiest part However the air and the water temperature can vary greatly throughout the year. DiveZone is a site dedicated to reviews of diving sites all over the world by professional divers, and Egypt nabbed all the best dive spots in the Red Sea. gateway to a monumental sandy plateau that hosts many small coral pinnacles, The south of Egypt has been less affected by tourism and offers some interesting spots for experienced divers. Best time to dive in Hurghada . These can be purchased on arrival in the airport and the current fee is US $25. Many divers try their luck Recommended PADI Courses: Fish Identification, Deep Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Open Water Diver. Egypt has got it all. Egypt’s Red Sea is ranked as one of the best diving destinations in the world. Here are ten of the best places to visit for scuba diving in Egypt. #af-form-1090581944{display:block;} Credit: Dive The World. Throughout the rest of the year whale On these places you will find little marine life and you might be disappointed. Are Stingrays Dangerous? Visitors can enjoy the freedom to walk around without constantly being hassled to buy souvenirs, and the nightlife is a lot more subdued than some of the more garish elements of Sharm. .af-body.af-standards input.submit{padding:4px 12px;} They are some of the best dive sites in the Red Sea as their distance and the surrounding currents make the reefs suitable for advanced divers only. Marsa Alam offers the best scuba diving of the Red Sea and In Egypt. Day trips off Sharm el Sheik and liveaboards will take you to colorful reefs in Ras Mohammed National Park and Straits of Tiran. Although diving is an all year around activity, the best time for practicing is from November to February. The Red Sea has world class diving. How to get there: direct flights to Alexandria are available from the likes of Turkey, Dubai and Greece but there are few other options from most of Europe. The CDWS website has a complete list of accredited dive centres and a blacklist for those that aren't. The striking port city of Alexandria affords divers the opportunity to dive into history (Photo: Shutterstock). streams through, casting mesmerizing beams of light. A list of the top 10 best diving places in the world should include something from every type of dive. Red Sea Coral - Soma Bay House Reef. A whole array of marine life can be From the remains of Cleopatra's palace around the sunken island of Antirhodos and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. #af-form-1090581944{background-color:#ECECEC;border-color:#D5D5D5;border-width:1px;border-style:none;} Here are some of the faunae that you might encounter during your diving trip. St John's is filled with crevices, caves and overhangs amongst the pristine reefs of the deep south (Photo: Eric Hulpiau/Shutterstock). Recommended PADI courses: Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish Identification. Visitors can also dive the clear waters of the Siwa Oasis, a three-hour safari through the desert in which old Roman ruins are located. Debunking The Myths Behind Stingrays, PADI Divers Leaving the Ocean a Better Place, Education Through Scuba Diving in the Cook Islands, How to Become a PADI AmbassaDiver in 2021, Spotlight on PADI AmbassaDivers from Mexico. Best Budget Dive Destinations. The Red Sea has a long history as one of the most important waterways in the world. marine life, makes it one dive not to be missed. Recommended PADI Courses: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE Specialist. VisasVisitors are required to purchase a visa to enter Egypt. Swimming past munitions, motorbikes and Bedford trucks, you Much of the diving is from shore, with plenty of shallow locations for entry-level divers and training, but divers with certification beyond entry-level will find more to enjoy. Free entry stamps are available for visitors who plan to stay in Sharm, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba for up to 15 days but note that this does not cover the national park of Ras Mohamed (including the Thistlegorm and Dunraven wrecks). .af-body input.text{width:100%;float:none;padding:2px!important;} Sign up to get the latest updates, offers and more. Need inspiration for your next dive trip? Although some shore diving is available, most diving is conducted by boat in order to explore the best of the reefs and one of the world's most famous wrecks, the SS Thistlegorm. But there are places with abundant coral reefs: book your holiday in the Makadi Bay, Sahl Hasheesh or Soma Bay for having house reef! Press the Apple or Android image below to download the DIVE app for your device or the PC/Mac image to read DIVE on your desktop. Perhaps the most famous dive site in the region, Panorama Reef, is home to spectacular 200m deep walls and perfect for drift diving, huge hard and soft coral formations and sightings of grey reef sharks, barracuda and schooling jacks. Direct flights are possible to both locations (Hurghada more so than Marsa Alam), but the liveaboard operators will usually arrange all flights and transfers based around the itinerary.

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